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Do Your Part, Support Mississippi Workers

In 2019, over 680 factory workers in Central Mississippi were targeted during ICE raids conducted by former President Trump. To this day, these workers remain in limbo—in fear of deportation with some still detained—and many have been deported. Today, President Biden has the power to undo this harm by providing work authorizations to those workers…


Senate Hearing Raises Expectations For Biden Administration on Immigrant Worker Rights: Senator Booker and Secretary Mayorkas Make Case for Deferred Action Status

This morning, US DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified on the administration’s border & immigration policies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. During one particular exchange between Senator Booker (D, NJ) and Secretary Mayorkas, there was an acknowledgment that the Biden Administration can and should do more to incentivize immigrant workers to serve as whistleblowers if they work at abusive job sites.