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NDLON Calls for Participation in Mike Brown Protests

NDLON Calls for Immigrants and Latinos to Join Protests Against Police Brutality, for Justice in Ferguson August 15th, 2014 – Phoenix, AZIn response to the events related to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO  and the violent police response to the outpouring of protest, Marisa Franco, lead of the #Not1More Campaign for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network,…


Reaction to Events on the Hill

For Immediate Release // Excuse Cross Postings // Please Forward  (Info for August 2 demonstration below)    Date: August 1, 2014 Contact:  B Loewe, (773) 791-4668)   (Washington DC)  In reaction to events on Capitol Hill today, Marisa Franco, #Not1More campaign lead organizer for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) issued the following statement: “Congress’s antipathy toward our community is…


New Study: Impact of Immigration Hyper-Enforcement in Georgia

For immediate release // excuse cross-postingContact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668, bloewe@ndlon.org New Report Details Prejudice and Pretext in Georgia’s Hyper Immigration EnforcementFederal ICE Access Programs and GA HB87 Driving Unprecedented Targeting and Deportation in the State Atlanta, GA – July 31, 2014Today advocacy organizations publish a new report based on data made available through FOIA litigation with the state…


As Bristol Sheriff Grand Stands, Law Enforcement State-wide Put on Notice About Potential Liability

PRESS RELEASEContact: Salvador Sarmiento, sgsarmiento@ndlon.org As Bristol Sheriff Grand Stands, Law Enforcement State-wide Put on Notice About Potential Liability of Submitting to ICE Requests Immigrants groups confront Bristol Sheriff about anti-immigrant policies, warn of recent court rulings against detainers prompted by S-Comm Boston, MA, July 25, 2014 — On Thursday, immigrant and civil rights groups…


NDLON and UWD to Presidents: Meet with Deportees

For immediate release // excuse cross-posting Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4688,bloewe@ndlon.org   Presidents Must Come Face-to-Face with Deportees If They’re to Be Leaders on Migration Statement by NDLON and United We Dream from El Salvador Where They are on a “Confronting the Truth” Delegation   San Salvador, El Salvador – Thursday, July 24th, 2014Since Saturday the 18th, NDLON…