D.A.L.E. (Desde Abajo Labor Enforcement) Campaign

Day Laborers are demanding that President Biden remove the threat of deportation for undocumented workers

Day laborers are sounding the alarm about the multiple crises confronting undocumented and excluded workers, including the real threats from ICE and employers that silence workers – and making clear what the Biden Administration can do about it.

While our communities are being devastated by the pandemic, workers are threatened if they speak out about abuse or unsafe working conditions. The looming threat of deportation results in rampant abuse against workers, including day laborers, domestic workers, street vendors, factory and delivery workers, and many more.

We know all labor is essential, and that the Biden administration doesn’t have to wait on a dysfunctional Congress to kickstart reforms and repair the damage committed these past years. Work Authorization. Whistleblower protections. Covid relief. The time is now.

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Meet Some Workers & Advocates of the BRC

In response to our demands and actions from our member organizations and partners, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas published a ‘worksite enforcement’ memo, acknowledging the use of immigration enforcement to undermine workers’ rights and committing to review DHS policies to ensure protections, including deferred action, for workers who denounce workplace abuse.

The announcement is the result of years of our hard work and many actions. Now it’s time to ensure that the commitments made in the announcement are fulfilled by DHS and the Labor Department. For this purpose, we formally announced the launch of a new BLUE RIBBON COMMISSION (BRC) of workers and members of immigrant worker organizations to provide input on, guidance for, and evaluation of the new policies under development in the period to come. These are some of the workers and members of the Blue Ribbon Commission.

Take Action

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Transmisión en Vivo: La protesta de Unidad Latina en Acción New Jersey y Casa Freehold contra el ladrón de salarios Dr. Philip
Live Broadcast with Unidad Latina en Acción NJ & Casa Freehold standing against wage theft. Dr. Philip is a dentist that hired 3 Day Laborers and never paid them. We are demanding justice!

Transmisión en Vivo: Trabajadores Jornaleros de SALVA, un centro de trabajo en la Valle Antílope de California, suenan la alarma de una crisis de abusos y represalias, en plena pandemia.
Principio: https://fb.watch/3PxzocAuMU/
Conclusión: https://fb.watch/3PxATtjkT5/

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