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A group of undocumented Chicagoans were arrested Wednesday morning outside the Hilton Hotel for blocking the morning rush hour to denounce the President’s, health who is in town for a fundraiser event, treat ‘inhumane’ approach to immigration laws. Protestors, representing Undocumented Illinois, Immigrant Youth Justice League, Latino Youth Action League of DuPa…


Day Laborers Call for Passage of Polis-Chu “No More Arpaio’s” Amendment to Defund Failed 287(g) Program

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network (“NDLON”) applauds Congressman Polis and Congresswoman Chu’s appropriations amendment, which would defund the failed 287(g) immigration program, ending the infamous deportation program once and for all.

“The fact that the White House is still requesting money for 287g is frankly an unreported scandal,” explains NDLON’s executive director, Pablo Alvarado. “Even Joe Arpaio himself now acknowledges that the program leads to profiling.   At this point, the only ones defending the 287g program are the Heritage Foundation and the Minutemen.  Congress can show its commitment to immigration reform by saving the taxpayers the expense of program which imperils public safety and violates civil rights.”