NDLON’s approach to building immigrant power is centered on strengthening local capacity and setting vibrant local examples that celebrate immigrant courage and creativity. It’s about putting innovative legal, communications, and arts and cultural work at the service of grassroots organizing.

From #AltoArizona and #Not1More to #ICEoutofCA and #TPSJustice, the demand for immigrant justice begins from the bottom up.

Building Popular Lines of Defense

Comites de Defensa

For years, NDLON has built local capacity in states targeted by anti-immigrant strategies. From #AltoArizona to #TurningTheTide in Georgia, and many states in between, NDLON has implemented countless hours of popular education training and tactics building local capacity and establishing grassroots Comites de Defensa to protect our communities and defy hate-filled policy. These campaigns offer a rich history of organizing and lessons for the future. More resources here.

Alto Trump, Basta Hate

The power to defeat anti-immigrant politics will not come from Washington, DC, but must grow out of neighborhoods and grassroots efforts nationwide. NDLON launched #AltoTrump as a hub to build local capacity and organizing to defend immigrant rights and denounce racism. The effort includes popular education material to host popular assemblies, guidance on building rapid response efforts, and tools to advance sanctuary cities. Check it out here.

TPS Justice

In response to the Trump administration’s stripping half a million TPS families of their legal status, NDLON and CARECEN-LA brought together a powerful organizing effort, accompanying over 50 grassroots committees of TPS migrant families across the country to launch the National TPS Alliance and to ensure a federal injunction of the . Check it out here.

Turning the Tide from Hate to Human Rights

ICE out of CA

Today, the state of California has enacted the strongest anti-deportation regime of laws in the nation, setting an example of resistance that rejects mass deportation and immigrant detention. The TRUST Act, TRUTH Act, and VALUES Act offer legal and policy standards to be celebrated, replicated, and expanded upon. As an anchor for these statewide efforts, NDLON has ensured California is a vision for the future. For more info, check out ICE out of CA.

Basta 287g

Among the most controversial programs being utilized by Trump, ICE, and state officials to target immigrants is the 287g jail deportation program made infamous by the “honorary kkk” Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona. Building from the experiences of #AltoArizona and #ICEoutofLA to end 287g, NDLON Given the unprecedented expansion of sheriffs deputized to target immigrants, NDLON to end the program once and for all. Check out the good work being done to end 287g in Texas and Las Vegas.

Alto Polimigra, Fuera ICE

For a decade, thru organizing and litigation, NDLON has anchored the fight to uncover the truth about ICE’s S-COMM deportation dragnet (aka Secure Communities), and reject the criminalization of immigrants. Thru strategic organizing, litigation, and bold local and state initiatives with communities nationwide, we are building the sanctuary movement to #EndSCOMM and win equality, from the bottom up. Get the facts here.