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Day laborers win Supreme Court free-speech case

Day laborers in Western states including California scored a legal victory Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower-court ruling declaring that cities violate free speech when they make it a crime to seek work from passing drivers. The case comes from the Los Angeles suburb of Redondo Beach and affects dozens of cities in California


Hacen reclamo a Sheriff Baca

Al Sheriff Lee Baca le sigue pesando estar a favor del programa federal Comunidades Seguras (S-Comm) y de compartir la información de los detenidos por sus agentes con la Oficina de Migración. Duras críticas, order presión legislativa y órdenes judiciales han puesto en jaque tan polémica colaboración. Esta semana tres organizaciones civiles lo forzaron a través de los tribunales a publicar detalles de esa participación, exigiéndole revelar quiénes y cuántos indocumentados sin delitos graves fueron deportados por S-Comm en Los Ángeles, y especificar si hubo alguna “negociación” de por medio. – La Opinion 02.23.2012


Day Laborers Continue Fight Against SCOMM In California

Hundreds marched in downtown Los Angeles, cheap chanting and singing in protest against Se Communities, a federal program that demonstrators say allows law enforcement agencies to unfairly deport undocumented immigrants whether or not they have criminal charges against them. The rally was held by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) on Wednesday, the third day of its four-day summit, to discuss the future of day laborers and the challenges they face. NDLON consists of 43 organizations aiming to advance the rights of immigrant workers.  – Neon Tommy 02.23.2012