END S-COMM: Alto Polimigra!

Since its roll-out in 2008, ICE’s “Secure Communities” deportation dragnet has become operational nationwide (aka S-COMM), ensuring that any interaction with local law enforcement can lead to immigration arrest and deportation. S-COMM ensures that biometric information obtained by local police/sheriffs at booking (like fingerprints) is obtained immediately by DHS and ICE, regardless of the cause or illegality of the arrest. ICE then uses a series of (usually unconstitutional) tactics to get local law enforcement to identify, detain, and transfer more individuals to their custody.

The revolt against S-COMM resulted in over 350 localities nationwide enacting policies against the controversial deportation dragnet. Because ultimately, it’s up to localities, states, and communities how their resources are used, not DHS and not ICE.

Thru organizing and litigation, NDLON anchored the fight to uncover the truth about S-COMM and ensure localities take action and enact policies that reject the criminalization of immigrants. For more info about the fight to advance sanctuary cities and state policies, check this out.

More info about the litigation-organizing strategy below!


This ground-breaking litigation was the largest FOIA lawsuit in ICE’s short history – striking the first blow to #UncoverTheTruth about S-COMM, despite what the then Obama Administration said about the program. The litigation-organizing strategy assisted localities across the nation to push back on the roll-out of the program, and enact policies to protect its residents. Read about it here.

The “End” and Expansion of S-COMM

In 2014, after mounting pressure nationwide, President Obama pronounced “the end” of the program. But he failed to terminate the heart of the program: the sharing of biometric (fingerprint) information at the point of arrest. Obama’s adjustments to S-COMM, known as PEP-COMM, were immediately cancelled by the Trump administration, followed by an offensive to expand the dragnet in states like Texas and Florida. Read more uncovering the truth about PEP-COMM here.

S-COMM on Trial

Various federal courts have made clear that localities have the authority to say NO, and can reject voluntary elements of the S-COMM deportation dragnet. NDLON has played a key role in securing those federal decisions. Today, the entire deportation dragnet, and ICE itself, is on trial.

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