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DHS suspends expansion of Se Communities in Alabama

Due to ongoing federal litigation against Alabama’s controversial tough new immigration laws, see DHS has halted the expansion of the Se Communities immigration program in the state. Speaking before the House Homeland Security Committee last week about DHS’ latest budget request, case Secretary Janet Napolitano told lawmakersthat Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) already has three quarters of the state covered under the program, “but given the pendency of the litigation, we decided to just hold off on the remaining quarter.” The contentious Alabama immigration law passed last June includes several strict measures such as requiring schools to check the immigration status of students, prohibiting illegal immigrants from doing business with the state, and barring individuals and organizations from willingly aiding illegal immigrants. – Homeland Security News Wire 02.22.2012


CORTE SUPREMA: Victoria para los jornaleros

Como una victoria de los jornaleros fue calificada martes la decisión de la Corte Suprema de negar una petición de la ciudad de Redondo Beach de revisar una decisión que declaró inconstitucional una ordenanza que prohibía solicitar trabajo en las calles. “La negación hoy de una revisión de la Corte Suprema es una victoria singular de la Primera En