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Fixing Immigration, in Principle – NYTimes.com

THE DEPORTER IN CHIEF As we wait for a bill, which could come in months or years or never, deportations continue. The Obama administration has expelled nearly two million people, breaking up thousands of the families President Obama has repeatedly promised to protect. If Congress fails, will he protect them through his own administrative action,…


NDLON Responds to GOP Immigration Principles

For immediate release // excuse cross-postingContact: B. Loewe, 773.791.4668 bloewe{at}ndlon.org In response to the GOP’s principles on immigration released today, Chris Newman, legal director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement: “We are concerned the nativists within the Republican party now control the the whip hand on the immigration reform debate.…


NDLON Responds to 2014 State of the Union Speech

“Tonight’s speech was both a disappointment and a call to action for immigrants to increase pressure on the President for relief and for their rights. If the President wants 2014 to be a year of action, immigration is one area where he can and should lead by example. The President has already shown that he has broad legal authority in the realm of immigration; but to date, he has mostly exercised that authority poorly as part of a failed political strategy.


Day laborers helped by groups in NY, elsewhere

By Claudia Torrens | Source: BusinessWeek.com NEW YORK (AP) — Martin Garcia was making $80 a day cleaning the basement of a New York City building after Superstorm Sandy. The 34-year-old Mexican immigrant worked 12 hours a day without protective gear. Today, he makes $180 a day as a carpenter in a Brooklyn townhouse undergoing…