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Police ID those arrested during SB 1070 march

Phoenix Police have released names and photos of the individuals arrested during the SB 1070 march Wednesday evening. They were booked into jail because they were blocking Central Ave during rush hour and refused to move. About 500 demonstrators marched from Civic Space Park to Phoenix Police HQ and the ICE building, find demonstrating against


SB 1070 Protesters Block Central Ave

Nine people have been arrested after a protest march stopped in front of a federal immigration building in Phoenix. About 500 demonstrators marched in the downtown area Wednesday afternoon against Arizona’s controversial immigration law known as SB 1070. The protesters were kept across the street from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


The Higher Stakes of SB1070 Debate – AZ Republic

When the Supreme Court hears the Department of Justice lawsuit challenging portions of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 today, what will be debated has much higher stakes than the limited constitutional questions of federal and state powers that will be before the court.

Perhaps those are the narrow arguments that will pass between lawyers, but SB 1070 isn’t about a battle between federal and state power. It isn’t even about immigration policy, nor is it about Arizona.

SB 1070 is about all of us. How we respond to crisis, how we treat each other and whether we will let the bill’s defenders stand in the doorway of history or whether we will refuse to have the hard-fought advances in our rights be turned back.


Hurt by Arizona immigration law, Hispanics organize: video

Arizona landscaper Jose Acosta says he has been pulled over by police in the Mexico border state three or four times for tailgating or driving with a chipped windshield. But really, he believes, it is because of the color of his skin. “They see me brown. They’ll pull me over and ask me for documents. They’ll make up a lie about why,” said Acosta,