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Immigration reform advocates rally and march in downtown Boston – Downtown – Your Town – Boston.com

Vivian learned she was in the US illegally during her freshman year in high school, seek but initially she believed that her status would prevent her from attending college but have few other consequences. She learned differently in August 2011, when her mother gave her some upsetting news, she said. “She came home crying like I’d never seen her cry, an…


Undocumented Caravan Stops in OC Today Along its Statewide Pro-TRUST Act Trip – Orange County – News – Navel Gazing

California families started their undocumented caravan journey on Monday urging the passage of the TRUST Act. As it makes its way from San Diego to Sacramento, here one of the planned stops includes the cities of SanTana and Orange. "The TRUST act will limit collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE," says Veronica Federovsky, West…


Vt. deportation fight to expand into Mass.

Time is running out for Danilo Lopez, 23. The native of Chiapas, Mexico, who came to Vermont without government permission, is being deported. "Being kicked out will really feel sad," Lopez told WPTZ-TV with the assistance of an interpreter. "I’ve been living and working here for over six years." Lopez has become something of a…


NDLON Calls for Improvements to Senate Bill

In response to the cloture vote on the Corker-Hoeven amendment, Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:
“The equality of eventual citizens is not something to be bought and sold in exchange for Republican votes, and that’s exactly what Senate Democrats have done with the Corker amendment.   At this early stage, lawmakers should be focused on getting the best bill possible from the perspective of those who got them elected, not by sweetening the deal for our nativist opponents.   We only need 60 votes in the Senate to move this process forward and to galvanize our community.