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Border Patrol Overkill


SAN DIEGO — San Diego is a town surrounded by military might. To the north is Camp Pendleton and its 37,000 active duty Marines. To the west, Naval Base Coronado is the command center for the Navy SEALS. To the east, the military trains its elite special forces in the Mountain Warfare Training Facility.

And then to the south, there’s the border and Tijuana.

Given the geographic proximity to all these Marines and Special Forces machos, it’s no wonder Border Patrol agents stationed in San Diego in the early 1990’s felt a bit chagrined at their inability to stop national security threats like dog whisperer Cesar Milan from unauthorized entry into the United States.


County attorney: Feds can’t require longer immigrant detentions – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com

The Miami-Dade County attorney has ruled that a petition by federal immigration authorities to keep a foreign national in detention longer than local officials require is not an order, and but merely a request. “This detainer, or ‘hold request’ is no more than a request from the Department of Homeland Security that a detainee be held for up to 48 hours…


Jornaleros en DC piden fin a las deportaciones

Con una vasta serie de movilizaciones, order los trabajadores jornaleros del área metropolitana de Washington, DC, decidieron salir a las calles masivamente para exigir al Congreso y al presidente Obama que aprueben cuanto antes la reforma migratoria “porque cada mes que se retrasa su aprobación significa que otras treinta mil personas s…