Last year, you signed the petition to help Catalina get her husband released from ICE detention.  He was one of nearly 700 workers targeted in ICE’s workplace raids from 2019.  Thanks to your support, advocacy from the community, and Catalina’s persistence, he was released, and is back with his family! 

But today, Catalina and her family still need your support

While the family is now reunited, Catalina was in a tragic car accident in February which left her severely injured.  She is healing, but remains unable to work and faces mounting medical debt.  She is currently facing bills of over $5,600.

IAJE is asking for your support in uplifting a crucial member of our community  

Will you make a donation for our compañera and her family?

In solidarity,
Lorena Quiroz

Immigrant Alliance for Justice & Equity (IAJE of MS)