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Más Preguntas Que Respuestas

Gonzalo Mercado, Director de Programas Transnacional para NDLON La Administración Biden anunció varias medidas para regular la inmigración procedente de México, Centroamérica y Sudamérica, entre ellas la creación de centros de tramitación en Colombia y Guatemala, y la promesa de abrir con el tiempo algunos en otros países, donde los posibles inmigrantes puedan solicitar la…


ICE Arrests Father & Poultry Worker, Continues Targeting Victims of 2019 Workplace Raids

Groups in Mississippi and nationwide are denouncing ICE’s continued targeting of workers and families who were victims of its now infamous 2019 workplace raids, and calling for the immediate release and protection of Mr. Baldomero Juarez, a father, poultry worker and labor advocate who was arrested and transferred to ICE’s LaSalle migrant prison in Jena, Louisiana last week.


More Questions Than Answers

Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced several steps to regulate immigration from Central America and Mexico, including setting up processing centers in Colombia and Guatemala, and promising to eventually open some other countries, where prospective migrants can apply for legal entry into the United States.


Day Laborer Network Statement on Biden Re-Election Campaign

For Immediate Release // Please Excuse Cross Posting Tuesday, April 25, 2023 Contact: Erik Villalobos, evillalobos@ndlon.org Day Laborer Network Statement on Biden Re-Election Campaign (Los Angeles) In response to President Biden announcing his re-election campaign for 2024, Pablo Alvarado released the following statement on behalf of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON): “While some…