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Day laborers can solicit work in Agoura Hills

City’s ban is ‘unconstitutional’ By Sylvie Belmond | Source: TheAcorn.com The City of Agoura Hills repealed its ordinance prohibiting day laborers from soliciting work in the public right of way on the heals of a federal ruling that struck down a similar law in Redondo Beach last year. In September 2011, the U.S. 9th Circuit…


Community Applauds DC Council for Passing Emergency Detainer Compliance Act on Day of S-Comm Activation

  Washington DC Maintains Bright Line Between Police and Wrongful Deportation Policies    June 05, 2012. Washington, DC   The Washington, DC Council was praised by a wide coalition of community, faith, and labor organizations for passing the Immigration Detainer Compliance Emergency Amendment Act in response to today’s federally imposed activation of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s controversial “Se Communities”…