California Day Laborer Corners

Need help with home repairs or gardening? Moving and need help? Find the help you need at these day laborer corners.

The map above is a tool to help find your nearest day laborer site, where you can find skilled, reliable workers who are ready to help you complete your next project. Click, drag, and zoom into the map with your mouse tool. To view specific location information, zoom in and click on any map marker.

See the FAQ list to help you understand the hiring process, health and safety recommendations, and payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I hire workers?

Simply stop by. It’s best to communicate your needs, scope of work, and terms of payment when coming to a mutual agreement to select workers. Arrive early to ensure availability of workers.

Can I hire day laborers for specific projects?

Yes, you can hire day laborers for specific projects. Clearly outline the project requirements, expected completion time, and payment terms to ensure a smooth collaboration.

Do I have to make arrangements in advance?

No, you can make arrangements on the spot for general laborers. If you need skilled workers (carpenters, painters, concrete workers, etc.), or require workers during non-business hours, it is a good idea to confirm with workers before the date of work and make necessary arrangements for transportation on the day(s) of work.

Clearly communicate the scope of the job, expected tasks, duration, and payment details before hiring day laborers. Establish a mutual understanding to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth working relationship.

How are workers paid?

Clearly define the payment method and frequency before work begins. Payment should be made in full at the end of the workday or as arranged during negotiations with the worker at the hiring location prior to beginning work tasks. Most workers prefer to be paid in cash, but are often willing to accept company checks–most workers do not accept personal checks. Whether it’s cash, check, or another form of payment, establish an agreement to avoid disputes later.

Be transparent about the hourly or daily wage you’re willing to pay. Take into account the nature of the work, local wage standards, and the skills required. Negotiate fair compensation and be open to discussion.

How will the worker get to the job?

Some laborers will rely on you to provide transportation to and from the job, but also they can use public transportation, if it’s possible. Many laborers have their own transportation. Be sure to confirm these details if hiring in advance.

When does the job clock start and end?

Workers are paid from the time they begin until they finish the work, but often employers will pay at least one way of travel time. You should discuss that with workers whether drive time, breaks and lunchtime are to be included or not.

Should I provide tools and equipment?

Clarify whether you or the day laborer is responsible for providing tools and equipment and ensure all equipment instructions are followed. This should be agreed upon beforehand to avoid any confusion on the day of work.

What about food and drink?

You should have water available at all times or make arrangements for the worker to purchase something before leaving for the job. If you have a full workday, be sure to provide break times.

What do I do if any issues arise during the work?

Address any issues promptly and professionally. Communication is key. If there are concerns, discuss them with the day laborers and work together to find a resolution.

Do day laborers speak English?

There are a significant percentage of day laborers that speak English. Others speak and understand enough to communicate on the job.

What safety precautions should I take?

Prioritize the safety of day laborers by providing a safe working environment. Ensure they have access to necessary safety gear and brief them on any potential hazards associated with the job.