The Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund

As each and everyone one of us makes preparations for the looming economic, political, and public health crisis, it is important to highlight that migrants, refugees, and low-wage workers in general— and day laborers specifically— face uniquely dangerous obstacles. Already targeted and victimized by unprecedented xenophobia and inequality, many of the people we work with will find themselves completely walled out of access to basic necessities in the weeks ahead.

Therefore, today, we are launching the Immigrant Safety Fund to provide immediate resources and financial support so excluded workers can take care of themselves and their families at home. Without paid sick time leave, remote work capability, health care, access to jobs, and financial security, migrants are uniquely vulnerable, and the support we collectively muster for the Immigrant Safety Fund might be the only lifeline for thousands of people most at risk in our communities.

All resources we collect will be rationed and distributed throughout our network; and your support will directly help thousands of families across the country. Please consider giving any amount to help someone in need.

IWSNF Update!

The solidarity demonstrated for and with the day laborer community through generous donations has been nothing short of amazing.

As a result, we have distributed over $2,125,000 in direct assistance through our 60+ member organizations across the country. To date, your direct contributions to the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund have helped more than 2,000 essential workers. And we are just getting started.

At worker centers and day laborer corners across the country, NDLON member organizations are working tirelessly to make certain that financial support makes it directly into the hands of day laborers and low-wage workers that need it the most. In addition to offering financial assistance, our member organizations are also organizing food banks, distributing grocery gift cards, and even manufacturing face masks for essential workers who continue risking their lives daily so that others can stay safely at home.

None of this work would have been possible without the connection between you, the worker centers within our network, and the day laborers we serve. We are grateful for your monetary contributions, for your support, and for your solidarity. THANK YOU for standing with us and supporting the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund.

Will you chip-in today today to help us launch the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund?

Immigrant Worker Safety New Fund

Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund Overview

This fund will provide direct assistance to migrant workers who find themselves uniquely vulnerable in the face of the Coronavirus crisis.

A significant segment of migrant workers have worked in our country for decades, everyone has benefited and enjoyed the fruits of their labor, but yet, despite their years of contributions, their humanity has been denied. As a result, essential migrant workers do not have a basic safety net to survive. Their only safety net is their immediate family members, their worker centers, and their community-based organizations.

As a result, NDLON is building the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund specifically to help:

  • Workers over 60 years old;
  • Workers with disabilities and medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus;
  • Workers who fall ill with Coronavirus;
  • Worker leaders, organizers and volunteers who fall ill while educating and serving others.

How will funds be distributed?

We are building and managing this fund at the same time. Initially, in order to move quickly and efficiently, we will make cash distribution to NDLON member organizations that subscribe to a set of principles (outlined below) for the fund. Assistance will be made available to be distributed directly to individuals in need through worker centers that are part of our Network. A National Committee will be established to ensure that the process is participatory, transparent and fair. NDLON members must participate to become recipients of the fund.


As we gather both resources and clear assessment of need, we will be flexible in the construction and execution of the fund, and we will subscribe to a set of principles that will guide us:

  • We will distribute money and resources to those with the most immediate needs.
  • We will distribute money and resources to those who are most excluded from government relief efforts.
  • We will focus on those immigrant workers who are most despised marginalized, which includes day laborers, refugees, and incarcerated people.

Expectations of Recipient Organizations

Recipient organizations will contribute their efforts to the collective fund by:

  • Contributing their efforts to support fundraising campaign.
  • Local distribution should be documented (photos, videos, forms) to assist in aggregate fundraising.
  • Participating in the National Committee calls and meetings..

Expectations of NDLON:

  • All funds will be accounted for transparently.