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‘Comprehensive’ for whom? – Waging Nonviolence

In the eyes of immigrant activists, the immigration plan recently leaked from the Obama White House falls short of even the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, signed by Ronald Reagan, which granted amnesty to more than three million undocumented immigrants. Unlike the current proposals under discussion, Regan’s plan did not create separate p…


Free Speech for Day Laborers – NYTimes.com

They trim trees, mow lawns, find care for the elderly, clean up and rebuild after hurricanes and floods — and they defend the Constitution, too. Immigrant day laborers, who are so often the targets of local laws meant to sweep them off street corners, keep battling in court to defend their right to seek work, and they keep winning. On Monday, a t


Day Laborer & Immigrant Orgs Join National “Coming Out of the Shadows” Month, Call for Stop to Deportations

Community members facing deportation and detention to come out at events around the country calling for a moratorium to record-breaking deportations and the federal quota programs that drive them.
03/04/2013—Day laborer and immigrant worker organizations have declared this March a month of action where those in deportation proceedings, will join undocumented youth in ‘coming out’ events to say ‘Not One More (Ni uno más);’ not one more person taken from their loved ones because of deportations.
For the past three years, undocumented youth have held “coming out” events as a central tactic to activate dream-act eligible youth, humanize those targeted by immigration laws, and expose the inhumanity of current immigration policies.  This year, the youth-led initiative will take on a specific focus of deportation and detention and be joined by adults,  day laborers, people facing removal, and broader community members’ participation highlighting the impact of the immigration enforcement policies that have rapidly expanded under the President’s first term in order to meet Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s self-imposed quota of 400,000 deportations per year.