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NDLON Denounces Renewed Term for DHS Secretary Responsible for Arizonification of the US

for immediate release Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668   NDLON Denounces Renewed Term for DHS Secretary Responsible for Arizonification of the US Former Arizona Governor Responsible for Sheriff Arpaio’s Immigration Powers Brought State’s Policies to Nation   January 14, 2012 – Washington, DC In response to the announcement that Janet Napolitano would continue in her position…


Chicago Announces Inauguration Day Plan to March for a Moratorium on Deportations

On First Day of President’s 2nd Term, Chicago Wants President on the ‘Right Side of History’
What: Press Conference Announcing January 21st March for a Moratorium on Deportations
When: 11:00am Tuesday, January 15th
Where: Daley Plaza 50 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL
Who: Families of workers who were detained in Immigration raids, Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Church, Centro Sin Fronteras, 
          ICIRR, Immigrant Youth Justice League, Latino Union of Chicago, and more
On Tuesday, groups will announce their plans for an Inauguration day march for a moratorium on deportations. 


E-Verify: Immigration Reform’s Threat To Legal Workers – Forbes

Ken Nagel thought it would be no problem to hire his daughter at his Phoenix restaurant. He had not considered that Arizona’s new employment verification system, and E-Verify, would deem her ineligible to work. E-Verify, case which attempts to screen out unauthorized immigrants by checking employees against federal databases, failed his daughter, a U.S. citizen. “It was just another frustration,” Nagel told The Arizona Republic. Despite its problems, Congress and the president will consider a national E-Verify mandate in immigration reform proposals this spring. President Obama called for “a system to give employers a reliable way to verify that their employees are here legally.” But E-Verify is not reliable and shifts enforcement costs onto citizens. According to E-Verify’s government audit, a national mandate would deem 1.2 million to 3.5 million legal employees, like Ken Nagel’s daughter, initially ineligible to work. In 2008, Intel, the computer chip maker, put its new employees through..


Protestan por sus salarios en Los Angeles

Trabajadores y miembros de una coalición de varias organizaciones y sindicatos, here se reunieron ayer frente a la entrada del Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles para exigir que el Concejo Municipal tome acción en torno a una propuesta de ordenanza contra lo que consideran el “robo” de salarios. “Pedimos que de una vez por todas tengamos respuesta a nuestra petición que hicimos hace tres años al concejo de la ciudad de tener una ordenanza contra el robo de salarios”, click dijo Mario López, miembro de IDEPSCA, una de las organizaciones participantes en la jornada y miembro de la coalición contra el robo de salarios. “Por tres largos años, los trabajadores y trabajadoras han estado esperando que la Ciudad de Los Ángeles adopte una ley que criminalice el robo de salarios”. López añadió que Los Ángeles “podría ser el bastión en donde se respeten los derechos de los trabajadores y trabajadoras. Pero Los Ángeles, desafortunadamente, es la que muestra la peor estadística de robo de salarios en la nación”…