House Appropriations for 2014 Homeland Security Budget Exposes Beltway Hypocrisy
As Congress Seeks Immigration Reform, DHS Budgets for Increased Detention
05.22.2013 – Washington, DC
The day after the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the “Gang of 8” immigration reform proposal to move to the Senate floor, the House Appropriations Committee approved the Department of Homeland Security 2014 budget which included an increase in funding for the Se Communities deportation program and additional detention center beds and a decrease in civil rights oversight. 
Pablo Alvarado, the Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:
“In order to truly reform immigration law, we need an end to hypocrisy inside the Beltway.   Congressmen cannot claim to support political equality in principle and approve increased militarization, criminalization, and deportation in practice.

During a legislative session that should bring political equality and inclusion, shouldn’t Congress and DHS be budgeting for an increase in immigrants’ integration?   Why are Congress and DHS budgeting for an increase in deportation, an increase in suffering, and an increase in discrimination? Undocumented Americans should be seen as potential citizens not potential deportees, and that view should be reflected in our national budget.”


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