600 Crosses

Thirteen months ago, as a new virus emerged and spread fear across the nation, a new term also appeared: “essential worker.” Ironically, this term, used by many to connote appreciation, was actually coined by the Department of Homeland Security, the very same agency that has for decades terrorized immigrant workers in an effort to get them and their families to self deport.

Day Laborer Organizations Share Reaction to Historic $2.1 Billion Fund for Undocumented and Excluded Workers in NY

After a year long campaign led by undocumented and excluded workers, New York State has approved a budget that includes $2.1 billion for an Excluded Worker Fund. It is an enormous step against the racist exclusion of immigrant workers and their families from COVID relief, and a victory made possible by the sacrifice and struggle of migrant workers, day laborer centers, and many more.

Mississippi’s Undocumented & Indigenous Workers ask Biden to Undo the Harms of Trump’s Workplace Raids

A coalition of civil rights and immigrant organizations have asked President Biden to repair the harms inflicted by Donald Trump and ICE on immigrant factory workers targeted by workplace raids in August of 2019. The organizations delivered the letter below to the Biden Administration over email on March 10, 2021. The letter comes only weeks after the communities received news that one of their community members deported by Trump (Edgar Lopez) was a killed in a massacre of Guatemalan migrants in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.