Historic Victory for Day Laborers, Supreme Court Declines to Revive Unconstitutional Restriction of Speech

IN VICTORY FOR  DAY LABORERS, SUPREME COURT DECLINES TO REVIVE UNCONSTITUTIONAL RESTRICTION OF SPEECH Redondo Beach Wrongly Restricted Day Laborer Solicitation       LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, the United States Supreme Court denied the request of the City of Redondo Beach to review the Ninth Circuit decision striking as unconstitutional the City’s ordinance prohibiting solicitation…

Remarks of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at NDLON Assembly

Remarks of AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka
National Day Laborers’ Organizing Network 6th Annual Convention

Thank you, Pablo [Alvarado], for your kind introduction. And thank you all for the honor of speaking to you today.

I’m proud to stand with you because I don’t know of anyone who is working as hard as you are to force the United States to live up to and fully honor its democratic ideals.

Organizing — coming together — is one of our greatest values.

The pursuit of justice is one of our greatest values.

Uniting for justice in the face of prejudice, under threat of official reprisal, against loud public condemnation, is what makes this nation great.

Jornaleros Detenidos de Tucson – Raúl Alcaraz Ochoa

Buenos dias tengan todas y todos ustedes. Me llamo Raúl Alcaraz Ochoa aquí junto con compañeros representando el Centro de Trabajadores Southside de Tucson, AZ.

Les presento hoy con gran tristeza y rabia en mi corazón.

En Tucson, zona fronteriza, vivmos una realidad pesada. Existe una militarización y criminalización de nuestra comunidad inimaginable. Nuestra zona es única por estar cerca de la frontera, con Patrulla Fronteriza saturando nuestras calles y personas cruzando y muriendo en el desierto a diario.

Day Laborers From Across Nation Arrive in Los Angeles to discuss future

“On the Road to Justice, Ni un Paso Atrás  (Not One Step Back)” Day Laborers From  Across Nation Arrive in Los Angeles to discuss future  –Multiple media opportunities, including “A Better Life” screening w/ Chris Weitz What: Sixth National Assembly of Day Laborers convened by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network When: February 19 – February 23rd, 2012 Where: Sheraton Downtown, 711 S. Hope…