Organizations in the United States and Central America Ask Biden Administration to Create a Policy That Will Benefit Families and Not Bureaucrats

On Wednesday, workers and organizations based in the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, participants of the Corridors for Justice in Labor Migration initiative will join to respond to announcement the Biden Administration’s plan to tackle the root causes of migration in the region. The organizations are asking for transparency, accountability and inclusion as the region faces a one of the worst combination of emergencies in recent history.

New Music Video: “Tu Voz, Tu Voto,” Day Labor Radio Launches Music Video to Promote Latino, Immigrant Vote

Radio Jornalera (Day Laborer Radio) was born from the idea to give a voice to immigrant, working communities, and during this election the future for those communities is at stake. This is why Radio Jornalera partnered with Los Jornaleros del Norte and the National TPS Alliance to launch “Tu Voz, Tu Voto” a song aimed to mobilize Latinos to vote against hate nationwide, and specially in battleground states.