“With a new Sheriff, Los Angeles will fully kick ICE out of our community”

On Monday, Ret. Lieutenant Alex Villanueva was sworn in to the office of LA County Sheriff in one of the biggest upsets of the 2018 midterm election. Latin@s and immigrant communities who refused to succumb to the politics of hate and division spewed by the Trump Administration overwhelmingly supported Villanueva as he committed to protecting immigrant communities and significantly curtailing collaboration between ICE and the LASD.

BREAKING: DHS Submits Plan to Abide by Judge’s Order Blocking TPS Terminations

For Immediate Release // Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Contact: Armando Carmona, National TPS Alliance, 323-250-3018, Armando@ndlon.org; ACLU SoCal Communications, (213) 977-5252, communications@aclusocal.org BREAKING: DHS Submits Plan to Abide by Judge’s Order Blocking TPS Terminations TPS Holders Vow to Continue Fighting for Long-Term Protections in Wake of Temporary Reprieve from the Court for Hundreds of Thousands…

Two Dozen Groups Call Out OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens & Undersheriff Don Barnes for Siding with Hate Group Against California Law

On Friday morning, a broad coalition of Orange County neighborhood, student, immigrant and civil rights organizations denounced O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and Undersheriff Don Barnes for siding with President’s Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and for seeking to expand ICE’s capacity to separate families in the county.

Federal Court Blocks Trump’s Termination of TPS

Today, federal district judge Edward Chen issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration’s termination of legal status for beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti and Sudan. The Trump Administration had terminated the legal status for over 300,000 people from these countries who have lived legally in the United States for years or decades—with the earliest terminations due November 2.