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New Report Highlights Safety & Wage Theft Issues Faced by Post-Disaster Recovery Workers Following Harvey Devastation

A new report titled “After the Storm: Houston’s Day Labor markets in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey” highlights issues of wage theft, workplace safety, and the apprehension to accessing public institutions currently faced by a large percentage of reconstruction workers in Houston, Texas. Tens of thousands of families have been displaced in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and recovery workers, or second responders, are currently working tirelessly to rebuild towns and reweave the fabric of communities.


NDLON Denounces Decision to Terminate TPS for Haiti

This politically craven move is the latest attack in President Trump’s overall war of attrition against nonwhite migrants. It appears to us that the President is creating a crisis to in order to compel Congressional action as part of a hostage-style negotiating strategy. It is now up to members of Congress to do the right thing. They should support legislation that offers permanent residency to TPS holders living and working in the United States. Over the next 18 months, we pledge to stand along side any Haitians who are fighting for the right to remain in their new homes within the United States.


New Report Highlights Safety & Wage Theft Issues Faced By Post-Harvey Recovery Workers In Houston, TX

On a press call Tuesday, November 21st at 10am CT, Professor Nik Theodore author of “After the Storm: Houston’s Day Labor markets in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey” will discuss his newly released report by the University of Illinois at Chicago which highlights problems in Houston’s day labor markets after Hurricane Harvey, and specifically looks at the impacts it has had on disaster recovery workers


VICTORY! California Enacts Landmark Legislation to Protect Immigrants from Deportations

Today, California is signing into law SB-54, the California Values Act, landmark legislation designed to protect immigrants from deportation by prohibiting cooperation between local police and immigration agents.  The California Values act is currently the strongest and most comprehensive statewide policy in the country to protect against deportations and is expected to set a precedent for similar types of legislation in localities across the nation.