Activists bolster political causes with ‘A Better Life’ – The Washington Post

And never mind that attendees at similar watch parties set up by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network could not celebrate a best actor win for Demian Bichir’s portrayal of an undocumented worker from Mexico in “A Better Life.” “He has already won for us, here ” said Pablo Alvarado, a former day laborer from El Salvador and now director of the Los

Judge Enjoins Day Laborer Sections of SB 1070

NDLON members Tonatierra and the Southside Workers’ Center, along with other organizations and individuals directly impacted by Arizona’s anti-immigrant hate law, SB 1070, brought this lawsuit in federal court to challenge 1070’s constitutionality. On February 28, 2012, the judge granted Plaintiffs’ motion to enjoin the anti-day labor provisions of SB 1070. NDLON is co-counsel in the suit, along with the ACLU, MALDEF, NILC, and others.