Intentan de nuevo Acta de Confianza

El asambleísta demócrata de San Francisco, Tom Ammiano, no perdió tiempo y en el primer día del ciclo legislativo 2012-13, que inició ayer, reintrodujo el Acta de Confianza, que busca poner fin al impacto negativo en California del programa federal llamado Comunidades Seguras (S-Comm). El nuevo proyecto de ley tiene el mismo objetivo que la medida vetada en septiembre por el gobernador Jerry Brown, la cual busca establecer una norma general para que los gobiernos locales no detengan a un individuo a petición del Servicio de Migración y Aduanas (ICE) a menos que tenga una condena seria o violenta. Esta norma prevendría la detención prolongada de personas indocumentadas que serían dejadas en libertad si no fuera porque hay una petición de ICE. Los detalles de cómo quedará la versión final del Acta de Confianza y de la diferencia que tendrá con la medida vetada saldrán de las pláticas con el equipo de trabajo del gobernador y la gente de Ammiano, según se dijo ayer.

TRUST Act Reintroduced to Dem supermajority in Sacramento

And Assm. Tom Ammiano and several co-sponsors have reintroduced the Trust Act, banning local law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants to the feds for possible deportation if their crime is relatively minor. “We must make sure that Se Communities focuses on violent and hardened criminals, not on day laborers, not domestic workers,” said State Senator Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles). Republicans will have little say. “Our role will be, hopefully, partnering with the press. We will help shine a light on what’s going on in the government,” said California Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar). But Democrats believe voters gave them a mandate to get things done. Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) says: “I think the biggest danger is that we would move too cautiously and not address the problems that California has been facing. California voters have demanded that we govern and that’s what we intend to do.”

California’s ‘anti-Arizona’ TRUST Act is back for another round | 89.3 KPCC

Two months after California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill known as the TRUST Act “as written,” a lawmaker is reintroducing it in the Assembly. Bill sponsor Tom Ammiano, a Democratic Assembly member from the Bay Area, announced Monday that he’s bringing back a reworked “3.0” version of the bill. It aims to limit state and local cops’ cooperation with federal immigration agents. While it differs from the earlier amended version Brown had vetoed, it’s closer in ways to the original bill the legislature voted on in 2011. The idea of the measure, dubbed earlier this year as the “anti-Arizona bill,” is to set limits on who California state and local authorities can hold for deportation at the behest of federal immigration authorites, restricting it to only those with serious criminal convictions on their records. The TRUST Act (an acronym for “Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools”) is intended to limit the state’s participation in Se Communities

Connecticut official faults US handling of immigrant

An adviser to Connecticut’s governor is criticizing the U.S. government’s detention of a Mexican immigrant under the federal Se Communities program. Mike Lawlor, the governor’s top aide on criminal justice policy, joined advocates at a rally Thursday condemning the initiative that took effect statewide earlier this year. The immigrant, 34-year-old Josemaria Islas of New Haven, was arrested in July on charges that he tried to steal a bicycle. His lawyers said he was wrongfully arrested and the charges were later reduced to misdemeanors, but instead of being released, he was turned over to federal agents at the request of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Lawlor said the case shows why the program that shares arrestee fingerprints with ICE could lead immigrant communities to lose trust in police officers.

Labor Secretary Visits Staten Island – WNYC

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis visited a day worker center on Staten Island that has been involved in cleanup efforts after Sandy. She toured the Midland Beach neighborhood on Thursday. Solis said the federal government is trying to reach different parts of the population to let them know about opportunities arising through recovery efforts following Sandy. “The President … reiterated the importance and significance of us working on a broader scale to make sure that we really reach the vulnerable populations, online that we really provide jobs, ” she said. “This is an opportunity to help build back infrastructure, housing, and to help provide incentives for more economic development.” The Department of Labor gave a 27 million dollar grant to the New York State Department of Labor to assist with cleanup and recovery efforts earlier this month.

Más presión por el Acta de Confianza –

Decenas de organizaciones defensores de los derechos de los inmigrantes en California comenzaron a presionar al gobernador Jerry Brown para que firme el Acta de Confianza, y la ley pueda entrar en vigor en enero. El proyecto de ley AB1081 vetado por el gobernador en septiembre pasado, treat volverá a ser presentado por tercera vez. Aún no se conocen los detalles de la nueva versión pero Carlos Alcalá, portavoz del asambleísta demócrata de San Francisco, Tom Ammiamo confirmó que será este lunes cuando se reintroduzca de nuevo. En septiembre pasado, el gobernador vetó el Acta de Confianza, un proyecto de ley que hubiera permitido que las cárceles locales no mantuvieran detenidos a petición del Servicio de Migración y Aduanas a los inmigrantes indocumentados a quienes no se les encuentran delitos. Al mismo tiempo buscaba poner freno a los excesos cometidos por el programa federal Comunidades Seguras (S-Comm)

6 Concrete Steps the President Can Take to Seize the Moment on Immigration

After his reelection, speculation has begun about what the second term of President Obama will mean for immigrant communities.  While we breathed a sigh of relief following the defeat of Mitt Romney and his self-deportation politics, it would be irresponsible for us to return to 2008 levels of hope for change without first taking a critical look at President Obama’s record and seeing concrete indicators that demonstrate his next term will be different. 

Feds delay review of Obama immigration program – USA Today

Seventeen months have passed since the Department of Homeland Security announced it would create an internal civil rights review of the Obama administration’s signature immigration enforcement program, but now department officials cannot say when, or if, they will complete it. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton announced in June 2011 that his agency would create a statistical monitoring tool to ensure that law enforcement agencies were not using the Se Communities program to engage in racial profiling. The program screens all people booked into local jails for federal immigration violations. Despite calls from a Homeland Security task force and outside groups to complete the review, officials are not sure when that will be possible.