Caravan of Essential and Excluded Workers Protest Gov. Cuomo Over Denial of Emergency Assistance for Immigrants

On Tuesday afternoon, about 100 cars are participating with New York immigrant day laborers, worker centers and allies in a “covid-safe car protest” in front of the Governor’s office on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. The protest in New York, over 3 blocks long, comes after Governor Cuomo cited funding limitations to excuse the continued exclusion of over half a million immigrant workers statewide.

NY Day Laborers: And us, what about New York? Y nosotros que, Gov. Cuomo?

On Friday, day laborer organizations from across the metropolitan New York City area again called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide immediate relief for all immigrants. In a digital press conference on Friday morning, day laborers shared powerful stories of the physical and psychological toll of the pandemic, of exclusion from federal assistance, and of losing loved ones to covid-19 (excerpts below and video available for download).

NDLON Reaction to California Fund for All Immigrant Workers

Today’s announcement is a necessary first step to close the widening gap between immigrants and vital assistance that could mean the difference between life and death for millions of Californians. The abject failure of Congress and the sinister policies of the Trump Administration have created a domestic human rights crisis with disproportionate impact on California. As a consequence, California lawmakers have a legal responsibility and moral obligation to respond accordingly.

NDLON Responds to House Passage of Senate Coronavirus Stimulus Legislation

In response to House passage of the Senate’s coronavirus stimulus legislation (still pending signature by Donald Trump), the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) reaffirmed its calls for a worker migrant justice plan to ensure undocumented workers and families are not excluded in coronavirus response and called on local and state leaders to ensure they don’t replicate the same exclusions as in the federal bill.

It’s time for Biden to join the resistance to Trump’s war on sanctuary cities

We welcome that Democrats finally discussed immigration, and we welcome Biden’s continued evolution. Now it’s time for Biden to join the resistance to Trump’s war on sanctuary cities. Today, hundreds of localities serve as a critical bulwark in the resistance against creeping fascism. Biden will have plenty of opportunities to show his commitment in the months ahead.