NDLON Reaction to End of ICE Transfers by LA County Sheriff

Since it was first formed, we have been fighting to kick ICE out of Los Angeles with every tool at our disposal, and we applaud the Sheriff’s decision to finally make good on the promise that got him elected. ICE is a rogue federal agency that has stoked racism and conjured imaginary threats in a failed attempt to justify its existence. Fortunately, its dangerous deployment of propaganda has backfired in Los Angeles county, and we have built a consensus that sees ICE for what it really is: a menace to society.

Across New England, Groups Demand Reps Defund Sheriff Hodgson

As DHS abuses are exposed in Portland, and reports of deadly conditions continue in ICE detention camps, groups in Massachusetts and Connecticut are calling on their representatives in Congress to take immediate action to prevent more harm, and cut off all funds in the region to the nativist Sheriff of Bristol County, MA – Thomas Hodgson – in order to protect the lives of people in his and DHS custody.

New Jersey Essential & Excluded Workers Caravan Ask State Leaders: “What About Us? – ¿Y Nosotros Que?

On Wednesday morning, New Jersey immigrant day laborers, worker centers and allies led over 50 cars in a “COVID-safe car protest” demanding Governor Murphy and state leaders provide emergency assistance to immigrant workers and families. Encircling the statehouse with banners on their cars reading “What About Us? — ¿Y Nosotros Que?” the groups call on state lawmakers to reject and address bigotry in the state and the exclusion of NJ immigrants from emergency relief.