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March 11, 2020
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NDLON: A Worker & Migrant Justice Response to Coronavirus

New York City, NY – In response to the rising threat of the coronavirus pandemic, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), released a five-point Worker and Migrant Justice Response to be included in national coronavirus responses (link below). NDLON Co-Director Nadia Marin-Molina made the following statement:

“The threat of coronavirus exposes the backwards beliefs underpinning Trumpism at its core – medieval walls will not keep you safe, the US cannot survive on its own, and whether Trump likes it or not, we already live, breath, and eat off the same table. COVID doesn’t care about what country you were born in, or how much you earn in a year. But it does make more clear the urgency of our demands for worker and migrant justice – ignoring them now is pure folly.”

The five-point Worker and Migrant Justice policy demands begins:

This context only makes more acute the need for comprehensive migrant justice… For the safety of our families, neighbors, and loved ones, immigrant and non-immigrant alike, we call on local and national leaders to immediately adopt a plan for Worker & Migrant Justice as part of the Coronavirus response

There is no greater way to exacerbate today’s crisis with ICE and CBP hell-bent on terrorizing communities, accelerating deportations, and increasing the detained population. Instead, funds and personnel should be reassigned and redeployed to CDC, FEMA, and other emergency needs.”

Find the full 5-points here: