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April 14, 2020
Contact: Viridiana Vidal,

“¿Y nosotros qué?” - Day Laborer Caravan Calls on Lawmakers to Ensure ALL Immigrants get Covid-19 Relief

Watch footage of the caravan here:

Workers available for interview.

Los Angeles, CA – On Tuesday, day laborers led a caravan of cars filled with migrant workers around the California state government building to call on Governor Gavin Newsom and other lawmakers to ensure that all immigrant families are included in all state Covid-19 relief efforts. No exceptions.

Over 200 cars participated in a caravan of “Essential and Excluded” workers representing day laborers, domestic workers, restaurant, and other low wage industries, millions of whom were excluded from the federal stimulus signed by Donald Trump.

“We are doing essential work. We are being laid off. We are being excluded from Congressional relief. And of course, we are being targeted by the White House which is filled with white nationalists who could care less if we drop dead,” Maria Zamora, day laborer from the Pasadena Community Job Center, and continued, “So we are turning our attention to local lawmakers and asking, ‘¿y nosotros qué? And us, what about us?’”

Two weeks ago, the federal government passed a stimulus bill that overtly excluded millions of workers and families across the United States over immigration status. Donald Trump continues a policy of deterrence that seeks to terrorize immigrant families into voluntarily leaving the U.S.

“The enormous gap between immigrants and life-saving assistance must be filled at the state and local level,” said Pablo Alvarado, Co-Executive Director at NDLON. He continued, “Governor Newsom and all lawmakers in California must, first, remove obstacles that prevent immigrant families from accessing aid, and second, they must lead a very specific effort to do outreach to undocumented immigrants who have been deprived equal rights by the federal government.”

“Even as the Trump Administration tries to de-document immigrants, whether DACA recipients, TPS holders, or through wealth tests and other efforts to immiserate mixed status families, local lawmakers have the right- and the obligation- to protect their residents. There is no reason for California lawmakers to comply with Trump’s immoral, racist, and dangerous policy that seeks to terrorize immigrants.” said Angela Sanbrano, Co-Executive Director at NDLON.