City of Jackson & Civil Rights Leaders Unite at Historical Mississippi Civil Rights Site to Call on DHS to Immediate Release Victim of ICE Raids

On Monday morning, civil rights and city leaders held a “Unity Press Conference” at the historic Masonic Lodge in Jackson to send a message directly to U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to immediately release Ms. Lladi Ambrocio, a victim of ICE’s infamous 2019 raids, and to address the harms caused by ICE’s targeting of workers.

Five Questions Democrats Should Ask Secretary Mayorkas at the Judiciary Committee Hearing Today

Today as immigrants nationwide commemorate Workers’ Memorial Day by honoring those co-workers and loved ones that have died due to COVID 19, work-related injuries, neglect, and abuse, Congress is holding a hearing to evaluate the Executive Branch’s exercise of discretion in enforcing existing laws, which everyone in America agrees are outdated, unjust, and ineffective.

Senate Hearing Raises Expectations For Biden Administration on Immigrant Worker Rights: Senator Booker and Secretary Mayorkas Make Case for Deferred Action Status

This morning, US DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified on the administration’s border & immigration policies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. During one particular exchange between Senator Booker (D, NJ) and Secretary Mayorkas, there was an acknowledgment that the Biden Administration can and should do more to incentivize immigrant workers to serve as whistleblowers if they work at abusive job sites.

Following Release of DHS Worksite Memo, Immigrant Worker Blue Ribbon Commission Holds First Public Meeting

For Immediate Release // Please Excuse Cross Posting Tuesday, October 19, 2021 Contact: Viridiana Vidal, Following Release of DHS Worksite Memo, Immigrant Worker Blue Ribbon Commission Holds First Public MeetingAnnounces Series of Open Hearings in Coming Weeks Nationwide — On Monday evening, workers and advocates from the recently formed Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) hosted…