Women at the Fore of the Day Laborer Movement

When I first went to a day laborer corner to offer training about wage theft, some people looked at me like I was out of place. After all, I was the only woman in a crowd of a hundred day laborers who looked for work every day in our nation’s capitol. 


But the truth is that I’m one of many women who proudly participate in the day laborer movement for worker and human rights. I organize among day laborers because both my parents were immigrant workers who faced similar struggles. While the majority of day laborers are men, women play a vital role as both laborers and organizers. 

Lo premian… los jardineros

Adelantándose a la decisión de los miembros de la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas, jardineros mexicanos que laboran en esta ciudad “otorgaron” el Oscar a su compatriota, Demián Bichir, porque consideran que los representó bien y dignificó su labor en la película ‘Una Vida Mejor’. José Rivera, de 21 años de edad, dijo que se sintió id