Gaston sheriff’s role in immigration could shift – Gaston Gazette

Five years on, however, critics believe the programs have been more harmful than useful in local communities. “By giving these federal powers to local authorities, it really creates unnecessary fear and distrust,” said B Loewe. As a member of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Loewe says he is all too familiar with the tales of minor police altercations eventually landing individuals before a deportation judge. Loewe points to the number of non-criminals deported by Gaston County as a result of Se Communities alone, last calculated to be the 15th highest percentage in the entire country. “Most of the people put through these proceedings are charged with a crime, but they’re rarely convicted before they are shuffled through ICE,” he said. “It’s a subtle way of subverting due process.” – Gaston Gazette 02.18.2012