DHS suspends expansion of Se Communities in Alabama

Due to ongoing federal litigation against Alabama’s controversial tough new immigration laws, see DHS has halted the expansion of the Se Communities immigration program in the state. Speaking before the House Homeland Security Committee last week about DHS’ latest budget request, case Secretary Janet Napolitano told lawmakersthat Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) already has three quarters of the state covered under the program, “but given the pendency of the litigation, we decided to just hold off on the remaining quarter.” The contentious Alabama immigration law passed last June includes several strict measures such as requiring schools to check the immigration status of students, prohibiting illegal immigrants from doing business with the state, and barring individuals and organizations from willingly aiding illegal immigrants. – Homeland Security News Wire 02.22.2012

Ammiano Remarks to Los Angeles Rally Against S-Comm

This bill reforms the impact of S-Comm in California. S-Comm has been devastating to immigrant communities. It also has not made anyone safer. Instead, mind S-Comm destroys TRUST between immigrant communities and local police, and unfairly burdens local governments.

The TRUST Act brings national attention to the movement, spearheaded by NDLON, to “uncover the truth” about this dangerous program. The Governors of Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York all announced last Spring that they demand to “opt out” out of S-Comm as a whole. California also must push back against this deeply flawed program.

This reform is needed more than ever because California is leading the country in the number of deportations under this program. But together, we can turn California into “leader” in challenging these deportations

Minnesota becomes twenty-seventh state to fully join Se Communities

Last week Minnesota joined the controversial federal immigration program known as Se Communities, site while critics continue to blast the program. Minnesota is the twenty-seventh state fully to join the now mandatory program designed to share fingerprint information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Under Se Communities, all fingerprints from individuals detained by local and state authorities are automatically scanned and sent to ICE to determine their immigration status. – Homeland Security News Wire 02.16.2012

DHS budget proposes discontinuing 287(g) in some jurisdictions

A fiscal year 2013 budget brief released by Homeland Security today has some details on the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement priorities, and one of the losers is the federal-local partnership known as 287(g). The administration is proposing a budget reduction of $17 million up front, try and the document suggests a gradual phase-out in favor of Se Communities, which is described as “more consistent, efficient and cost effective.” – Multi-American 02.12.2012