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February 10th, 2017
Contact: Armando Carmona, 323-250-3018; <a href=””></a>;

NDLON Convenes 8th National Day Laborer Assembly:

Courage is greater than fear: De la Indignación a la Acción

Santa Clara, CA – From August 22nd – 25th, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network and member organizations from around the country will convene its 8th national day laborer assembly at Santa Clara University. Organizers expect more than 400 day laborers and community leaders to attend the National Assembly. For nearly 15 years, NDLON has convened and hosted a national assembly to discuss the vision and strategy of the national immigrant & workers rights movement in conjunction with developing political analysis and building strategic skills.

While this convening comes at a time of arduous challenges, we also see it as one of unprecedented opportunities. As you know, the rights of immigrant workers are increasingly under attack across the country. However, day laborers–the most visible and marginalized immigrant group–are leading this struggle with innovative organizing and education efforts to expand worker and civil rights for all.

Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of NDLON issued the following statement:

“Recognizing evil is not difficult these days. It manifests itself in the employer that steals wages, in the police officer that harasses people because of the color of their skin, in the politician that enacts laws that make poor people suffer, and the union leader that excludes the most humble workers because of fear of confronting the powerful. However, evil is not driven by itself. It is set in motion by socio-political structures, the legacy of white supremacy and the permanent exclusion of people impoverished by those very same structures.”

“In this beautiful Asamblea we will think about our past to better understand our present in order to forge a better future. We will make collective decisions so that indignation transforms into a campaign of strategy, of method. So that we can preserve the love, the solidarity and the unity between people. So we can join forces, face our fears together and not tremble before our most powerful enemy.”

The following events are open to the press & media:

Public Demonstration:
When: Thursday August 24th 2017
Details: Contact Armando Carmona, (323) 250 – 3018

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