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August 15th, 2017
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California Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Clears Path to Pass Sanctuary State Bill

Los Angeles, CA – Yesterday, the State of California filed a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s latest attempt to cut funding to states and localities that limit participation in cruel and costly deportations. The lawsuit challenges the recent announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that jurisdictions receiving federal law enforcement “JAG” grants must assist ICE by helping to funnel individuals into deportation proceedings.

Jessica Karp Bansal, NDLON’s Litigation Director, said:

“The litigation correctly points out that the Trump Administration is engaged in unconstitutional efforts to coerce our state into taking part in cruel, misguided, and harmful deportation programs. It is very clear that the threat to withhold funding from California is part of a a concerted effort to bully California lawmakers into watering down SB-54, which would defend the state from President Trump’s racist deportation agenda. As the lawsuit makes clear, the “Values Act” is fully within California’s legal authority, and the only remaining question is whether lawmakers in Sacramento will have the courage to stand up to Trump and get the strongest possible bill to Governor Brown’s desk.”


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