National Fast to Stop Deportations Comes to Portland

Day Laborers, Domestic Workers, Families Facing Deportation and Faith Leaders Join National

WHAT: Press Conference and beginning of a two-day fast and programming

WHO: day laborers, domestic workers, faith leaders, Voz Worker Rights, National Day Labor

Organizing Network, St Andrew Catholic Church, American Friends Service Committee, Interfaith

Movement for Immigrant Justice, Oregon Dream Activist, Portland Central America Solidarity


Bakersfield mom & US citizen makes desperate attempt to stop husband’s deportation to India


Husband’s 110-day detention has devastated family already struggling in wake of wife’s surgery, County’s possible role in deportation draws criticism 

Three months after the case of Ruth Montaño, one local mom nearly deported over a trivial complaint about her barking dogs made headlines, another local mother is stepping up to protect her hard-working husband from deportation. 

Mariana Parmar, a Bakersfield resident and US citizen, is imploring immigration authorities to cancel the deportation of her husband, Jagmohan Singh, which she recently learned is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 29. The couple, married for over a decade, have three U.S. Citizen children, ages 6, 8, and 10. [A picture of the family is available here.

Criminal Prosecutions Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Soared In Past Decade, Report Says

Criminal prosecutions of immigrants who entered or reentered the country illegally have soared in the last decade, bringing with them huge financial and human costs, story according to a report released Wednesday by Human Rights Watch. The U.S. government has claimed that these prosecutions are necessary to keep dangerous criminals out of the country,…

Her job: Stopping wage theft –

Julie Su doesn’t back down from fights when she thinks employers are cheating their workers. In her two years as California’s top labor law enforcer, Su has taken on scores of unscrupulous businesses. As state labor commissioner, she inherited an understaffed state agency that she recalled was overwhelmed with complaints of worker abuse, unpaid overtime and management retaliation. "I set out to make the promise of a just day’s pay for a hard day’s work a reality in every workplace in California," Su said in a status report to Gov. Jerry Brown being released Wednesday. Marshaling limited resources, Su has focused much of her enforcement efforts on working conditions for the often immigrant and first-generation Americans who pick crops, sew garments, build houses, clean buildings, wash cars, bus tables and perform other back-breaking tasks. Su has filed criminal charges and civil lawsuits and issued citations that identified more than $185 million in unpaid wages and other compensa…