5 Questions for John Morton and an Agency Gone Rogue


As the momentum for meaningful immigration reform continues to build, one person who stands out as moving in the opposite direction is ICE Director John Morton.  

His record as director and as the person who has overseen the expansion of immigration enforcement and the resulting record deportations during the Obama Presidency has prompted organizations to call for his firing and has created a credibility issue for the administration.

As Morton is called to testify in front of Congress, below are five questions we would like to see asked. 


Beware of police brutality against immigrants – Miami Herald

By involving city law-enforcement agents in an effort to eradicate illegal immigration, the U.S. government has also created a public safety problem, especially in immigrant communities like ours. Undocumented immigrants, who are no less worthy than the rest of human beings for not having proper papers, do not call the police, even when they are victims or witnesses of crimes, for fear of being deported and separated from their families. The controversial immigration enforcement program, Se Communities, considered an invaluable tool in ferreting out dangerous foreign criminals, also grants carte blanche to criminals and some in authority to commit abuse against a segment of our community. Furthermore, it endangers any American who may be a victim of a crime witnessed by an undocumented person who fears reporting it.

Deportaciones siguen sin freno –

El Servicio de Migración y Aduanas (ICE) no da tregua a las deportaciones, y tan sólo en enero pasado expulsó a casi 2, 000 californianos como resultado del controversial progama Comunidades Seguras, según revela un análisis de datos de la agencia hecho por la Coalición de Políticas del Inmigrante de California. El programa federal Comunidades Seguras consiste en la colaboración de las policías locales con ICE para mantener bajo custodia a indocumentados que han sido arrestado. Organizaciones proinmigrantes calificaron la cifra de "alarmante" e indicaron que hubiera sido significativamente menor si la Ley de Confianza, una iniciativa para proteger a los inmigrantes de deportaciones injustas se hubiera ya convertido en ley en California.

New Data Sparks Anger: almost 2,000 Californians deported through S-Comm in January

Statistics reveal failure of ICE’s latest guidelines, add urgency to passage of TRUST Act  March 11, 2013 – An analysis of new data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has found that 1,941 Californians were deported in the first month of 2013 alone, an alarming figure that would have been significantly lower were the TRUST Act already signed into law. The…