WHEN: Thursday, May 30 at 10 am

WHERE: Saint Andrew Catholic Church– 806 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

PORTLAND, OR – On Thursday, May 30

Portland are undergoing a spiritual fast to call attention to the immigration raids and deportations

that continue to devastate families across the country.

Participants include Rosa Gomez who is fasting in solidarity with immigrant workers and in the name

of liberty and justice for all human beings because she believes that no human being is illegal.

It is the fourth leg of a series of rolling witness that began in Mountain View, CA to take place

nationwide over the course of the next two months to bring a moral, prophetic voice to the

immigration debate, and shift the debate as part of the “#Not1More” campaign to stop the

deportations of those who would be included in the reform.

Following the Press Conference, fasters and supporters will hold a day of sign-making, works,

and a community forum at 5:30pm to support an inclusive immigration process and raise awareness

around the negative impact immigration raids and deportation have on the community.

More information on the National Fast available at: http://bit.ly/ayunon1m


Effort to Stop Deportations


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