French Ask for Return of Statue of Liberty

End of United States’ ‘World-Wide Welcome’ Prompts Request

12.09.2010 – New York, NY

2010 may mark the year of international embarrassment for the United States. For the first time, this year marked the President submitting findings to the United Nations Human Rights review. After Arizona’s state law proved an international embarrassment for the United States, the country finds itself in a new diplomatic quandary.

Re-birth of a Nation

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Re-Birth of a Nation

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When I first saw the campaign ad in Louisiana, it reminded me of the 1915 klan film “Birth of a Nation.” As I watch election results and copycat bills of Arizona’s SB 1070 spreading across the country and now 14 states considering attempts to rewrite the 14th amendment, I wonder what nation we are birthing today.

America’s ‘Toughest Sheriff’ and the Human Right Crisis He’s Created

Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; text-align: left; padding: 0px;”>“They call me KKK, I consider it an honor. It means we’re doing something,” are the startling words of Sheriff Arpaio, the top law enforcer of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Unlike radio hosts or other public officials who lose their posts instantly when uttering similar remarks, Arpaio’s position has won five elections and received continuous support from the federal government.(1)

Arizona Policies Leave Children without Parents

click Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; text-align: left; padding: 0px;”>In Arizona, law enforcement has two new tools in their supposed fight against immigration; ski masks and teddy bears.

Anyone in Maricopa County can sign-up to be part of volunteer posses that sweep through Brown neighborhoods on a self-described hunt. Upon taking up the task, they’re handed those two items, a ski mask to hide their identity and a teddy bear to hand to any children whose mother or father they rip away.


Through this lawsuit, filed in April 2010, NDLON, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Cardozo Immigration Justice Clinic seek to “Uncover the Truth” about the “Se Communities” program.  We have obtained over 80,000 pages of documents, many of which are available online.  The documents show that, despite ICE’s representations of S-Comm as a program…

NDLON Press Release: On Eve of SB1070 in Arizona: 22 Jurisdictions Join Failed Police and ICE Program

For Immediate Release / Excuse Cross Postings / Please Distribute
Date: April 20, 2010
Contact: Marco Loera, 602-373-3859 and

On Eve of SB1070 in Arizona: 22 Jurisdictions Join Failed Police and ICE Program

Today the Department of Homeland Security announced 22 jurisdictions joined one of their local police and ICE partnerships called the “Se Communities” program. The following is a response from Sarahi Uribe, national organizer of the “Uncovering the Truth on Police and ICE Collaboration” campaign set to launch next week:

It is alarming that today 22 jurisdictions joined another failed enforcement program that partners local police and ICE at a time when its clear these partnerships are disastrous. The widely acknowledged failures of the 287(g) program have not stopped the Administration’s rapid implementation of “Se Communities”—which is simply a rebranded version of 287(g). The Se Communities program forces police to forward the fingerprints of arrested individuals to DHS to verify their immigration status regardless whether the person is not yet convicted of any crimes, charges are dropped, and the arrest is unlawful.

The state of Arizona is one of the first testing grounds of these programs. Bill SB1070 is an extension of programs like 287(g) and Se Communities. The President and his Administration must reassert the federal government’s responsibility over immigration. They must prevent the implementation of SB1070 and also put an end to disasterous local police and ICE programs that encourage racial profiling, erode trust between police and communities, and make communities less safe.

On April 27th, national and local immigrant rights, criminal justice and social justice groups throughout the country will kick off a week of action aimed at “Uncovering the Truth on Police and ICE Collaboration.” In over ten cities groups will denounce the secrecy of these program’s implementation, demand answers, and ask for a moratorium.

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Immigration Bill To Affect Day Laborers: Employers At Risk If Worker Is Not Legal Resident

Peter Busch, Reporter, sick

PHOENIX — The controversial immigration bill that passed through the Arizona state legislature Monday could make you a criminal if your landscaper or maid is in the country illegally.

A section in the bill makes it a crime to “recklessly disregard” the immigration status of someone you pay for services.

Immigration attorney Margarita Silva said it’s difficult for most people to know if someone’s in the country illegally.

“I can tell you, a good percentage of citizens out here — and even police officers — don’t know what a green card looks like,” said Silva.

The bill also makes it a crime to impede traffic to hire a day laborer, but Silva thinks that part of the bill is largely irrelevant.

“They usually pull into the parking lot to make their arrangement. I don’t see somebody pulling off at the bus lane at Thomas Road. So, because it requires the impeding of traffic, I just don’t see that one being enforced all that much,” said Silva.