Too many construction workers face abominable working conditions, lack of safety equipement, less than minimun wage, and little to no supervision.  Winston Gillette is not the first construction worker to lose his life in NYC, and unfortunately, he probably will not be the last.  Events like tonights vigil, are so important because they give workers a space to come together, share their experiences, and demand better working conditions.  At the same time, we need legislative reforms that afirm the value of human life over the profits of the residential construction industry.  In this economy, we must demand safe and humane jobs for everyone. 

The vigil was organized by the Worker’s Justice Project and the National Day Laborer Organziing Network.  Representatives from the following groups also attended: El Centro del Inmigrante, El Centro de Don Bosco, Khari Edwards of the NY State Senate, Laborers Local 10, Laborers Local 78, Laborers Local 79, Apple Eco Friendly Cleaning Cooperative, and OccuCopy.

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