For Immediate Release:
February 6th, 2019
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REACTION: “We are right to kick ICE out of NY”

New York, NY – National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) released the following statement in response to ICE agent shooting an unarmed NYC man at point-blank in the face, in the same day that DHS suspended Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Programs for New York residents in response to sanctuary law.

“Trump and ICE have again shown why we are right to kick ICE out of New York. Another racist stunt, another reckless shooting – two more reasons why hundreds of cities have decided they are safer without ICE in their communities.

“NY workers and businesses won’t tolerate Trump’s hate circus or his failed war on sanctuary cities. NY did the right thing to reject Trump’s deportation agenda. We don’t fear our neighbors, we protect them, we celebrate sanctuary here,” said Nadia Marin, NDLON Co-Executive Director.