For Immediate Release:
February 7th, 2019
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ICE's Deportation Program (``Secure Communities``) Deemed Unconstitutional in Landmark Ruling

Los Angeles, CA – This morning the United States District Court released a ruling on the Gonzalez case that deals with ICE detainers issued from their Pacific Enforcement Response Center. In response to this landmark federal court ruling, finding major parts of ICE’s deportation program (“Secure Communities”) unconstitutional, NDLON released the following statement:

“This victory strikes at the core of the S-COMM program and supports jurisdictions from New York to Seattle to LA seeking to kick ICE completely out of our criminal justice system.

“We have been fighting this fight for 10 years. And Trump is only proving our case that it is DANGEROUS when ICE gets involved with local police. Trump’s speech this week evidences that danger. ICE’s reckless shooting evidences the danger. And DHS’ politicized stunt in NY evidences that danger.

“ICE, not immigrants, is a threat to public safety. Immigrants should not be subject to double suspicion and double punishment. Period. It is ICE that must be scrutinized and exposed for what it is.

“It already was a menace. Now transformed in Trump’s image, ICE is more visibly undermining public safety. Their recent escalation, clearly politically motivated, will only strengthen the sanctuary movement and lead to louder calls for its complete abolition,” said Pablo Alvarado, National Day Laborer Organizing Network Co-Executive Director.