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Contact: Hairo Cortes, NDLON, 714.737.1069 

NDLON’s Initial Reaction to Hispanic Caucus’ Immigration Resolution 

In reaction to Congressman to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ resolution on administrative immigration action, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus resolution does not adequately reflect the views of undocumented immigrants, their families, or the immigrant rights community at large.   The CHC should not acquiesce to the President’s most recent timeline.

“There is clearly a failure of leadership in Washington DC that extends well beyond the White House, and it is time to tell the truth about those who put partisan interests above the welfare of those who propelled them into positions of leadership.

“We insist that the President act with the full extent of his legal authority today, not after the election, to prevent unnecessary suffering and injustice caused by his brutal deportation policy, and we will continue to insist that the President meet directly with undocumented immigrants and their families.

“This should not be a controversial request.  The President is clearly getting bad legal and political when it comes to immigration. He has met with lobbyists and business leaders, but he hasn’t looked into the eyes of the people most affected by his unjust deportation policy.  If he did, he would take action without delay.  The President must now demonstrate his commitment to the eventual citizenship of immigrants by honoring their request for self-representation.” 


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