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42 Dems Ask President to Meet Directly With Persons Affected by Deportation Policies

September 19, 2014, Washington, DC–On Friday, 42 Members of the U.S. Congress sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting that he meet directly with people suffering from his deportation and detention policies. The letter, led by Reps. Grijalva, Lewis, Chu, and Schakowsky, is in reaction to the President’s most recent delay of administrative action on deportations. 

In reaction to the letter, the Blue Ribbon Commission made up of currently and formerly undocumented persons, issued the following statement:

“The multiple delays are evidence that the President continues to chose politics over people’s lives and that he continues to live up to the title of ‘Deporter in Chief.’ We commend the U.S. Representatives that have signed onto this letter. It underscores the fact that persons that are directly experiencing President Obama’s deportation and detention policies are of course the best equipped to convey the suffering in our communities.

“Today, real leadership on immigration means ensuring that the President is accountable to those who are most impacted by his policies and ensuring that there are consequences for inaction. We call on other organizations and community leaders to take a stand with us and say, ‘no more meetings about us, with us’.” 

On July the Blue Ribbon Commission called on President Obama to meet with directly impacted undocumented people, and asked allies to boycott any meetings in which undocumented people are not present. Since then we have picked up support from the AFL-CIO and the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda.



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