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July 27th 2017
Contact: Armando Carmona, NDLON, 323-250-3018,;

NDLON Statement on ICE Press Briefing at White House

Acting ICE Director Homan:  “Our Gang is Bigger than Theirs”

Los Angeles, CA –  On Thursday, Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Thomas D. Homan hosted a press briefing at the White House. Throughout the briefing Mr. Homan made statements critical of sanctuary cities and regarding the mass arrests of undocumented immigrants with or without criminal convictions.

In response, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of NDLON issued the following statement:

“The press conference today quite literally proves the need for sanctuary cities.Acting Director Homan’s remarks show the danger of a rogue federal agency that is now unsupervised by a rogue and dysfunctional White House. Like the President, the ICE czar is trying to rule by fear.  He wants citizens to be scared of immigrants. He wants immigrants to be frightened by law enforcement, and now he wants mayors and governors to be fearful of federal government recriminations. But despite his efforts to terrify people, a consensus is emerging that ICE itself constitutes a threat to public safety. It is now time for lawmakers to draw upon the courage that immigrants are showing in the face of unprecedented racism and scapegoating. The good news is that Mr. Homan’s efforts today –  to bully local governments into becoming part of his deportation force –  will likely strengthen the resolve of everyone working to pass sanctuary legislation and to kick ICE out of their communities.”


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