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February 10th, 2017
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NDLON Responds to AG Sessions' attacks against sanctuary cities

Los Angeles, CA – On Tuesday afternoon, the Trump administration issued a new policy for local governments stating that they are required to “give federal officials advance notice when illegal immigrants are about to be released from custody and allow immigration agents access to local jails” or risk losing federal grants. The new policy specifically applies to cities that receive funds from the “Byrne Justice Assistance grant program.

In response, Chris Newman, NDLON Legal Director issued the following statement:

“While it remains a mystery as to why the US Attorney General is so frightened by the very idea of sanctuary cities (particularly with so much else going on), his most recent effort to assert federal control over local police and to bully local governments into scapegoating immigrants will likely be met by even stronger resolve from local governments that want to both protect public safety and comply with the US Constitution.  With each passing day, it is becoming increasingly clear that ICE itself constitutes a threat to public safety.”


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