NDLON Message for May Day 2017

1) We support the call for a national general strike.   We are not here to ask for dignity, we are already dignified.   And we – immigrants in the US – already subsidize the U.S. economy.   We are here to demand the full equality that we are owed, and business as usual cannot continue if you do not recognize that.

2)  While our resistance is national, May 1st is a moment to advance our local demands and organizing.   There is NO excuse for local officials that have been complicit or silent in the face of Trump’s offensive against immigrants and sanctuary cities.

3)  This is an opportunity to build with our sister movements, and across industries, neighborhoods, and ethnicities.   Our movement is stronger when it is diverse and inclusive, and when together, we reject the attacks on undocumented workers, black lives, the LGBT community, and women.  No one left behind.


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