A Better Life Movie StillI watched the film, “A Better Life,” recently at the Mountain View Day Workers’ Center.  The star of the movie, Damien Bichir, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.”  His acting beautifully conveyed the wide variety of emotions he felt as he experienced ongoing rejection and betrayal in his business and personal life.  I was mesmorized.  Even though I do volunteer at the Mountain View Day Workers Center, I wasn’t familiar with some of the daily challenges faced by immigrants without papers:  transportation difficulties, not being able to apply for jobs at many companies,  being unable to work in the profession for which they were trained and hostility from community members. The story portrayed a single father struggling to obtain employment while raising his son as a single parent in a dangerous neighborhood.  The movie was so touching that I was on the verge of tears throughout.  I was also inspired by the courage and resilence of both father and son.  I love working with the Day Workers and feel lucky to have the opportunity to make them feel appreciated for the many gifts they offer.

Source: Day Workers Journal Blog | Author: Christine Chatwell


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