August 30th 2017
Contact: Armando Carmona, NDLON, 323-250-3018,

While Texas Advances a White Supremacist Agenda, No Injunction is Sufficient

Los Angeles, CA – On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered blocked major parts of the anti-immigrant Texas legislation Senate Bill 4.

Salvador Sarmiento, National Organizer for NDLON issued the following response:

“This is not over. When Texas state government is advancing a white supremacist agenda, no single injunction or election will be sufficient.

“We must rebuild and reaffirm the national consensus against white supremacy. And this Saturday in Texas – ground zero in the fight against extremism in state government – we can send a powerful message of unity against hate and white supremacy.”

“The threats against the DACA protections for immigrant youth, and the expansion of police-ICE collusion – thru SB4 or new 287g agreements – those are policy representations of the despicable hate we saw on the streets of Charlottesville. That hate, those policies, are meant to silence us and to enable extremists to target the most vulnerable among us. We must not comply, we must speak out, bc our courage is greater than fear.”


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